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isles is a collaborative project between Anton Spice and Ignacia Ossul Vermehren, documenting the details of texture and sound in remote environments.  

The first iteration of isles is based on material gathered and created over 5 months on Isle of Muck, Scotland.


Located at 56.8358° N, 6.2384° W, Muck is the smallest of the Small Isles in the Inner Hebrides at 21⁄8 sq miles, with a peak at Beinn Airein of 137m.

The island is made largely of olivine-phyric basalt which exploded during the Palaeocene period. It has been inhabited since the Neolithic age, and is the most fertile of the surrounding islands. The climate is temperate, and it rarely snows.

Anton Spice is a writer, music journalist and former editor of The Vinyl Factory magazine.

Ignacia Ossul Vermehren is a social development practitioner with a PhD in development and planning and an interest in participatory methodologies. She runs textile platform Thread Project.

All pictures photos and recordings featured on this site have been taken by the authors.

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