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Echo Location

Echo Location is a 14-track compilation exploring sonic landscapes of imagination, memory and place.

It features new compositions by Penelope Trappes, DJ Raff, Udit Duseja, Awkward Moments, K.N.A., Kit Ebersbach and James Gardner, interspersed with field recordings of the environments that inspired them.


You can buy Echo Location on Bandcamp

Echo Location_digi cover1.jpg

The project began in early 2021 as an invitation to experience a place through sound alone. Seven musicians from across the world were sent a sample pack of field recordings made by Anton Spice on a small island in the Inner Hebrides, Scotland.

From these recordings, they were encouraged to make a track in dialogue with their own practice – an echo of the location where the sounds were originally recorded. The result is a whole new archipelago of imaginary sonic islands.

The cassette edition of the album is accompanied by a hand-sewn pamphlet of images and reflections that informed the project.



Side A:

1.    Penelope Trappes – Holmr
2.    Interlude I
3.    K.N.A. – Serpent’s Tail
4.    Interlude II
5.    Kit Ebersbach – Spice Island
6.    Interlude III
7.    James Gardner – Woodshed Cèilidh

Side B:

8.    DJ Raff – La Isla
9.    Interlude IV
10.    Udit Duseja – To The Lighthouse
11.    Interlude V
12.    James Gardner – Träufeln Metalle
13.    Interlude VI
14.    Awkward Moments – A Strange Echo


ECHO001 / 2022

- Produced by Anton Spice
- Mastered by DJ Raff
- Additional digital mastering [tracks 7 & 12] by James Gardner
- Field recordings made by Anton Spice on the Isle of Muck, Scotland, 2020-2021
- Photos by Ignacia Ossul Vermehren
- Artwork, design, and layout by Emily Evans 

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