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Colour and texture

A selection of ten embroidered pieces inspired by the details of seaweed, moss and lichen on the Isle of Muck between March and July 2020. Each piece captures the texture and colour palette of a specific place on the island at a particular time of year.

Here they are presented alongside the images that were used as observational research for each piece, before being returned to be photographed within that specific environment.

Bladderwrack and Carrageen seaweed at Gallanch Bay, Ingalean | 03.2020

Common coral weed and shells at Lamb Island beach | 04.2020

Lichen and flowers at Gallanach Bay, Port Chreadhain | 06.2020

Moss at Aird Na Uan Pensisula | 03.2020

Rock and seashells at Camas Mór beach | 04.2020

Lichen at Lamb Island | 04.2020

Succulents and grass at Ghleann Eogharn Mór | 04.2020

Shells at Shell beach | 04.2020

Kelp at Bagh beach | 05.2020

Toothed Wrack seaweed at Camas Mór beach | 07.2020

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