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Sound and texture

A selection of seven one-minute videos, pairing embroidered pieces with field recordings made in the same location.

Created between March and July 2020 on the Isle of Muck, Scotland.

Click on each image below to hear its sounds.

Textile: Lichen at Lamb Island | 04.2020

Audio: needle and thread, lapping waves, seabirds

Textile: Moss at Aird Na Uan Pensisula | 03.2020

Audio: Bees, oystercatcher, song thrush, sparrow

Textile: Shells at Shell beach | 04.2020

Audio: Shells crunching

Textile: Comon coral weed and shells at Lamb Island beach | 04.2020

Audio: Lapping waves

Textile: Rock and seashells at Camas Mór beach | 04.2020

Audio: Eider ducks and oystercatchers

Textile: Kelp at Bagh beach | 05.2020

Audio: Lapping waves, eider ducks, pheasant

Textile: Lichen and flowers at Gallanach Bay, Port Chreadhain | 06.2020

Audio: Sheep, sparrows, lapping waves

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